Should I relax or Texlax?

Texlaxed hair isn't completely relaxed in order to achieve a fuller thicker appearance. Relaxed hair is just the opposite! Relaxed hair is straighter with fewer kinks in the strands. Due to the differences in texture, each hair type requires care that is unique to its characteristics.

Is it bad to Texturize your hair?

"Texturizers are less potent than traditional relaxers, so in theory, they are less damaging to the hair. Most texturizer products include a few key ingredients to help condition and restore the hair. Your hair will definitely need some TLC after a texturizer to keep it healthy," she says.

What do you do with Texlaxed hair?

  • Wash x1 per week.
  • Co-wash x1 per week.
  • Deep Condition x2 per week.
  • Moisturise and Seal Daily.
  • Light Protein Treatment x1 per week.
  • Medium Protein every 6 weeks.
  • Clarify Shampoo every 6 weeks.
  • Texlax (relax) every 12 weeks.
  • How often should you wash Texlaxed hair?

    Depending on your lifestyle you may find that once a week works for you or you may be able to go longer like every two weeks or you may find that washing less like every 3-4 days is better for your hair and scalp.

    What does Texlax mean?

    Texlaxing means applying relaxer to your hair and intentionally under processing it by not leaving it on for the recommended time. Some women also texlax by adding oil to the relaxer. Women who choose to texlax do so in order to loosen the curl pattern while still keeping texture, not resulting in bone straight hair.

    How often should I Texturize my hair?

    One more time for the folks in the back: Texturizers are permanent. If you no longer want to commit to a texturizer, you'll have to cut off the treated hair or wait for new hair to grow in. BTW: If you like the results, you'll need to touch up your texturizer every eight to ten weeks at the hair salon.

    Do Texturizers stop hair growth?

    A big misconception about texturizers is that once you put one in your hair, it stops your hair growth. Your hair will always continue to grow and a texturizer will not stop that. If your hair does stop growing, it's for other reasons, not the texturizer.

    How long do Texturizers last?

    You can expect a texturizer for natural hair to last from eight to 10 weeks. After that period, your hair will revert to its natural state, so you'll need to repeat the treatment to maintain the look. Keep in mind, some people like to wait even longer than two months to get a touch-up.

    How do I make a Texlax?

  • Separate your hair into four sections. Part horizontally from ear to ear, and from front to back. Use clips to hold hair out of the way when not working on that section.
  • After, apply oil or conditioner to each section. Do not saturate your hair. It shouldn't be wet or damp, just well-coated.
  • Can you Texlax colored hair?

    Do not texlax hair that has been chemically treated – this includes color treated hair – because you may wind up taking out too much curl and permanently straightening the hair.

    Is texturized hair healthy?

    It is important to wash out a texturizer with a neutralizer to terminate the chemical process. Keep in mind that a texturizer can be harmful to your hair if done on a regular basis. It is recommended to use herbal conditioners or protein treatments to protect your hair from damage.

    Does a texturizer work on 4c hair?

    Texturizers do work for 4c hair but it will not transform the hair dramatically. 4c curls are often softened to a 4b texture; your curls still remain very small but are easier to comb through.

    Can texturized hair turn back natural?

    Texturizers permanently change the structure of hair. You will need to grow out or cut off your hair if you want to go back to your natural hair texture. The chemicals used in a texturizer alter the structure of the proteins found in hair.

    Can you put a texturizer over a relaxer?

    The good news is, you can go right from a relaxer to a texturizer. The same chemicals are involved. Relaxers aren't for everyone, and not all women want to wear their natural hair. A texturizer can be a good in-between option, although you should treat your hair the same as if it's completely relaxed.

    How often should you use neutralizing shampoo?

    When Should You Use A Clarifying Shampoo? Like any serious hair product, there is a right time and a wrong time to break out the heavy-duty shampoo. "You shouldn't use one more than once a month," advises hairstylist Mara Roszak, who recommends not washing your hair more than every other day the rest of the time.

    How do you moisturize Texlaxed hair?

    How often should you shampoo relaxed hair?

    Relaxed hair should be washed at least once a week, especially during warmer months when sun, chlorine and saltwater can negatively impact chemically treated locs. Invest in a shampoo with hydrating properties to help you clean, maintain and restore hydration.

    How can I weaken my hair relaxer?

    1) Weakening the relaxer by adding a few teaspoons of oil or conditioner. Do not add any essential oil. Only carrier oils such as olive, coconut, almond, castor oil etc, should be added.

    How do you wash and go Texlaxed hair?

    What is a 4C hair?

    Type 4C: You have hair as densely packed as 4B, just with less definition as well as more shrinkage. The hair texture, which is tightly coiled like all Type 4s, ranges from super fine and soft to coarse and wiry. It's incredibly delicate hair.

    What does a neutralizing shampoo do?

    The main reason for using a neutralizing shampoo is to restore the natural pH balance of your hair. That's why it's often used on relaxed hair and other chemical treatments like coloring. A relaxing treatment elevates the pH level of the hair to break down stubborn curls into pin-straight hair.

    Does texture spray give volume?

    With an aptly-suited name, the Color Wow Style on Steriods texture spray will give you that intense volume without the stickiness or crunch. If you have color-treated hair, this is the texturizing spray for you. It's sulfate-free, meaning it won't fade your hair color, no matter how much you spray on.

    Can you wash hair before texturizer?

    No matter what your regular cleansing routine is, do not shampoo your hair for at least one week before applying relaxer. Do not scratch or pick at your scalp before you apply your relaxer. Broken or scratched skin may make your scalp more susceptible to burning.

    How do I loosen my 4C curls?

  • Keep it Sectioned and Twisted While Washing. The easiest way to solve shrinkage is to not allow your hair to shrink on wash day.
  • Stretch It.
  • Condition with Coconut Milk.
  • Apply Aloe Vera Gel Before Styling.
  • Do Monthly Henna Treatments.
  • Use Anti-Frizz Products.
  • What does hair texturizer spray do?

    A texturizing hair spray is like the Swiss army knife of your product collection: These multitaskers do everything from boosting volume, to absorbing oil from day-old hair, to preserving a blowout, to making it easier to hold braids and updos.

    How do you reverse a texturizer?

    The only sure way of ridding your hair of an over-processed texturizer is by cutting the damaged parts of your hair and allowing your healthier, natural hair grow out in due time.

    Can you dye your hair after texturizer?

    "Make sure that you are considerate if you are using a relaxer. Wait two-to-three weeks after your relaxer before you start to do any color. Coloring your hair with a relaxer will cause a lot of damage."

    How do I turn off S curl?

    If you want to undo the results of a perm, or relax a perm, wash your hair with Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and hydrate your hair, and to help relax your curls. Apply a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment, cover your curls with a shower cap, and leave on for several hours.

    How long does a S Curl last?

    To keep S curl hair, you must reapply the S curl texturizer especially when you notice some growth in your hair. A lot of people ask, “How often do I need to texturize my hair?” My best response is every two to three months.

    How do I reset my curl pattern?

  • Don't Over Shampoo. ROOT REFRESH Micellar Rinse.
  • Take A Break From Heat. Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème.
  • Give Your Hair Protein Shakes.
  • Embrace The Wash & Go.
  • Cut Your Ties With The Damage.
  • How many days can I wash my hair before a relaxer?

    Don't scratch, wash or work out 3-4 days prior to relaxer day. Believe it or not, this can cause scalp irritation, which can lead to burning. Let your hair rest.

    Can I put castor oil in my relaxer?

    This thick oil creates a protective barrier between your hair and skin from the relaxer. I would also run some JBCO down the length of my previously relaxed hair (starting right after the new growth) to prevent relaxer run-off and overlapping!

    What's the difference between lye and no lye relaxers?

    The difference is in the type of chemicals used. In lye relaxers, the active ingredient is sodium hydroxide. In no-lye relaxers, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide. No-lye relaxer is usually a little milder and good for sensitive scalps, but the calcium can cause hair to be slightly drier.

    What is Wave Nouveau?

    Product Description. WAVE NOUVEAU TEXTURIZING SYSTEM SHAPE RELEASE [STEP 1] 14.1 oz. Step 1 in the Wave Nouveau® Coiffure system, Shape Release is a technologically advanced thioglycolate cream that effectively releases and softens hair to the desired straightness leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and silky.

    How do you Texturize virgin hair?

    Does texturizing thin your hair?

    This technique creates a more dramatic texturized look, greatly thinning out thick hair in the process. Make sure to go to a stylist you trust, as going overboard with this technique can leave you with a less than desirable look.

    Is texturizing hair the same as thinning?

    Texturizing scissors are different to thinning scissors because they have wider teeth with more space between each one. The extra space means they take out a thicker piece of hair than thinning scissors to create layers that add volume and texture.

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