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In honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday, here is an essay that I wrote while a senior in high school 1989. It’s interesting the relevance it still has today.

If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today What Would He Think?

Dr. Martin Luther King was a man of conviction, peace, non-violence, and love. He had a dream of racial equality and dedicated his life for his cause. Dr. King fought hard in order for us to enjoy the rights we do today. Rights that were guaranteed by the constitution: rights that are taken for granted.

If Dr. King were alive today, he’d be greatly displeased by the number of blacks and poor neglecting their right to vote. He’d be hurt by the lack of people exercising their political powers. Dr. King would find little satisfaction in seeing the shift society has taken toward drugs. He’d cringe at the thought of our black youth falling victim to such a deadly plague. He’d hold his head in shame at the deterioration of the black family. The number of teenage pregnancies would sadden him deeply. The thought of the opportunities these young women carelessly discarded would stagger him. He’d find horror in the increasing terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Yet, being the man that he was, he’d find some positive strides made by humanity.

He’d brighten at the way Negro colleges have progressed: enrollment is steadily increasing. Opportunities that never existed are now in reach. He’d relish seeing, for the first time in history, a black man seriously considered for president of the United States. His hat would be raised to those who, through generosity and love, sponsor food and shelter for the homeless, farm-aid for the farmers, and research for A.I.D.S. victims

Finally, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would inhale deeply, roll up his sleeves and get straight to work- for he still has a dream and, although we have come a long way, we have even further to go.

By Erickka Sy Savané


  • sadyj
    January 21, 2015

    I marvel at your insight ,even in 89 you were a thinker….the thought of terror attacks and a black president……on point……great read

  • sonny
    January 21, 2015

    in high school you were a thinker as well

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